What Are You Waiting For?

Conquer self-limiting beliefs and move through life with an authentic sense of self worth.


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What Are You Waiting For? You Don’t Have 9 Lives! beautifully blends the familiarity of a childhood storybook with the challenges of young adulthood.

In each chapter, the smart and sometimes snarky little tuxedo cat named Coco, shares her life experiences and lessons learned in tandem with those of her human “Mama.”

There is no how-to manual or comprehensive college course to help young people navigate the transition from student to young adult.

Reader Thoughts

A tear-jerking page-turner, this book is simply spectacular. Implementing the Law of Attraction and the “T” Chart, brilliant. I give Nancy West a 40/40 on equipping college graduates with a guideline for living a more authentic and fulfilling life. On the weapons range, that’s an expert marksman. (Avrie Welton, Second Lieutenant, United States Military Academy at West Point Graduate)

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A portion of the profit from this book will be dedicated to helping shelter cats find their forever home.

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About Coco

My feisty little Coco... at five weeks old and too young to be without her cat mama, I became her everything.  She was a one-person kitty.  If friends were visiting for "too long" in her mind, she would saunter out of hiding, sit upright at my ankles, and hiss at everyone to leave.

When the room cleared, Coco did belly flops, rolling around on the floor in total bliss that she had me all to herself!

Our bond was inseparable for 16 years... and still continues today.

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